The Pitch Deck that Raised $1.4M in 7 Days

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Your pitch deck matters. It speeds up your capital raise and protects your price.

This is a deal I own, and we raised the financing in 7 days. I am providing it here to the Pitch community to give you the understanding that pitch decks, while once tactical, are now strategic and a vital tool.

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8 responses to “The Pitch Deck that Raised $1.4M in 7 Days”

  1. Oren, you are amazingly generous with information and examples. I’m glad a friend told me about your book and I’ll be telling about it quite a few people too.

  2. Oren, I would love to have a transcript or recording of your pitch on this. This is my exact business model. Looking forward to future training.

  3. Oren,

    I also heard from a friend about Pitch Mastery. Is there a link to the site I can use to sign up?

    • Oren,

      Just want to say thank you for the valuable information . I finished Pitch Anything in record time! And now I am going to read it a second time. A friend who works with me told me it was a must read before I went to pitch my products to over 70 buyers last week. I have to say I notice frames everywhere I go now. And I had a huge success with the buyers. In spots where I used to be beta boy I am now Mr. Alpha! Thanks again.

  4. Oren,
    Now re-reading your book, after listening to one of your webinars recently.
    I’ve been recommending it to just about everyone, and the last chapter is just
    sooooooo!!! awesome as we can follow your pitch, which brings all the ideas
    together. I am now ambitious enough to pitch to a large corporation. Will keep you
    posted on that.

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