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What is Velocity?

Velocity™ is a proven financial method to pitch, present and promote your deal and capture buyer attention. This path-breaking method for packaging deals has closed nearly $1 billion since 2006. When you prepare your deal and ideas with Velocity, even those buyers that don’t know about you will instantly recognize the merits of your deal.

Both you and the deal will be regarded with high status, and the result is meetings and high-level interest that otherwise would not have been possible. Velocity creates an instant positive reaction about your deal, and lets you get past gatekeepers that stop other deals from reaching decision makers. Most importantly, Velocity frames your information so buyers can quickly understand the economics of what you are offering.

Velocity helps you:


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You have 30 seconds to make a compelling pitch

You Have About 30 Seconds to Make A Compelling Presentation.

If the structure of the pitch does not immediately and forcefully communicate VALUE, it will be set aside, passed off to an underling, or dropped in the recycle bin. Velocity Immediately Communicates High Value.[/content]




It’s judgment day

We all like to think that others judge us carefully and objectively on our merits. They don’t.

In hurried business situations in which executives must evaluate dozens of deals in a week, or even a day, they are rarely willing to expend the effort necessary to look into the deal and its economics. They classify deals in a matter of seconds. They use negative stereotyping to rapidly identify the no-go ideas. All you have to do is fall into the common a low status negative stereotype, and your pitch will be over before it has begun.

In fact, many deal evaluations are strictly a process of elimination; in our experience, only 1% of ideas make it beyond the initial minutes of a pitch. These kind of elimination’s are too easy for investors and buyers to make, because negative impressions tend to be more salient and memorable than positive ones.

To avoid fast of elimination, successful pitchers – only 25% or less of those we observe do this – turn the tables on the investors in ways we use. But those that do succeed to induce investors to judge them as high status. Executives who know what they are doing when pitching a deal to a new buyer/investor/corporation deliberately level the status differential between themselves and people they are pitching to.


Achieve the maximum price for your deal.

Give a clear and concise financial overview.

We identify what are the most salient points that make what you have a compelling investment choice in a crowded market. This enables you to instantly communicate value. We anticipate the key decision points in the capital raising or selling process, and position your deal for early success.

Projections and timelines that visually tell your business story.

Frame your information and create visual triggers.

Velocity deal books succeed where conventional documents fail because they are novel, deeply insightful, intriguing, and answer the important questions before they are even asked.

They anticipate the key decision points in the buying or investing process, and position your offer for early success. With Velocity, we provide a systematic process to get buyers, investors and partners at a lower overall cost.

Differentiate and breakthrough with visual power.

Get Attention and Keep It.

Our experience has shown that in most instances, your Velocity deal book will be shared and discussed as something novel, unique and worthy of serious consideration because of the visuals that are included. In most cases, when a deal reaches the stage where it is socially shared, you will be contacted. Meetings will be set. At this point in the process, the buyer or investor has reached several important and highly positive conclusions about your deal and your firm. They hold a preconceived idea that you offer quality deals and that they should be involved with your company. At this point your Velocity deal book has done it’s job, and the rest is up to your team.

A cutting-edge persuasive framework.

Communicate the big idea and quickly get to the evaluation stage.

Research suggests that humans can categorize others in less than 150 ms. Within moments, they’ve made lasting judgments about your character, your status — and your deal. Before you even know it, the buyer you are trying to reach has decided what kind of deal you have and if he’s interested at all.

The Evaluation Stage: When the reader decides to invest time with your deal book, a new level of communication begins. Using a technique called framing, we simplify and organize complex material into blocks of information that are linked together in a way that guides the reader to a specific set of conclusions about your deal.

Those conclusions are: This is a quality deal that deserves consideration, that involves quality people that I should know. I need to know more about them.

Bring your deal to life.

Contrary to what most people believe,facts and information have no meaning unto themselves.

On the conscious level, Velocity carries the reader through the basic things they need to know – the pro forma, underwriting considerations, upside/downsides, assumptions, competition, sources/uses, track record. It does this quickly and completely, and in an intriguing way that complies with FINRA guidelines. On the subconscious level, we provide the information flows in a pattern that is comfortable to the reader, moving concepts and ideas forward to the cognitive part of the brain without triggering skepticism or doubt. This is another critical point in the engagement process – once their natural skepticism is set aside, the reader is inclined to reach a positive conclusion. Which makes the decision to move your deal forward a safe and logical decision.

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There is absolutely no doubt among either executives or academics that a crisp, clear and concise narrative is the key to success in any deal making situation.

We can quibble about whether it accounts for 80% of the reason a deal gets done, or 40%, but no one can seriously question that “the pitch” — having the right kind of story and visual message required to do the job — is one of the biggest reasons a deal succeeds or fails. Velocity is a method for breaking through to the mind of investors and executives. The companies I work with use it to raise money and to close important deals and partnerships. If you are currently raising money or working on a deal, then you’ll be interested in the following, which describes the Velocity method of visual communication and shows real world examples of how the method has raised hundreds of millions of dollars.

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The Velocity Package Includes


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How Velocity Works

  1. 1

    Break Through to Deal Makers

    Tell the financial story investors want to know and need to know.

  2. 2

    Create High Status

    Immediately overcome rejection triggers and generate high interest at the CEO level. Signals that your deal is high quality and must be seriously considered.

  3. 3

    Get the Meeting

    In 30 seconds your Velocity pitch will capture attention, build intrigue and allow you to lock down meetings with decision makers.


[content class=”large-quote”] “Investors and analysts are no different than anyone else. They want their working hours to be as productive as possible. When a pitch deck lands on their desk, their first reaction is defensive: “Is this going to be worth my time?” [/content]

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How to Get Started

Tell us about your company.

Velocity is not for everyone, and we are selective about who we take on. The more specific information you provide, the better we will know whether or not Velocity will add value to your deal.

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Velocity pitchdecks: reach decision makers and close large deals.


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