Frame Control: A Primer

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A frame is the instrument you use to package your power, authority, strength, information, and status. The moment your frame makes contact with the frame of another business person, they clash. If your frame wins this collision, you will enjoy frame control, where your ideas are accepted (and followed) by  others. But if your frame loses, though, you will be at the mercy of your customer, and your success will depend that customer’s charity.

Own the Frame,Win the Game

1. Everyone uses frames whether they realize it or not.
2. Every social encounter brings different frames together.
3. Frames do not coexist in the same time and place for long. They crash into each other, and one or the other gains control.
4. Only one frame survives. The others break and are absorbed. Stronger frames always absorb weaker frames.


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22 responses to “Frame Control: A Primer”

  1. What if two frames get into playing a game of chicken? Does this lead to both destroying each other.

    How do you compromise if one frame has to win? Is this where you have to make it appear that both frames won? But compromise is always viewed as a lose-lose proposition.

    Would like your take on this?

  2. Just ordered Book, contemplating on investing in
    your Pitch Mastery Course to apply concepts in
    book into step by step reality…
    I ‘ve pitched thousands of deals over 15 yrs and in B2B..
    I have the Charisma, enthusiasm, boldness and social presence, but
    still been using the question asking pitches to the long “Gospel” techniques.
    I love your contemporary style v.s the generosity of finding
    “Rocks” that make you loose the collision of Frames Colliding.
    Now Long time student of Mike Koenings….

    Thanks Oren!


  3. I found your book at the UCLA Book Store. It has helped me raise over $20k from Alumni. Thanks for your help!

    If you hold a live training in Los Angles, I am there! (Any chance for a student discount?)

  4. Thanks!

    Just finished the book and want to thank you for doing all the research and experiments for over 10 years and sharing with us now.

    The Book is life changer and explains in details a lot we can feel, react to, try to do but most of us fail to understand and master.

    As you said “it’s simple but not easy” to follow these rules. I’m trying them every time now in pitches, interviews and other social interactions. The more I do the more I see how important they are and get a feeling of how it all work.


  5. Hey Oren,

    Hey brother, great book. As I was reading it, this question came up for me. If you are sharing all this information weren’t you worried that investors would read this and then they would feel tricked or they would know what you are doing when you are doing it and call you out on it in the middle of a deal ? It would be like they were saying you are inauthentic or trying to trick them using the frame thing and discredit you in that way. Has that happened to you ?

    • I don’t think you can pull it off if you are not authentic. I don’t think the author is talking about manipulating people with knowledge of neuroscience, but how to get your message more effectively with impact.

      • Totally legit tool – not spin, powerfully grounded to the current reality of the structure of human thought (frames) & the long standing reality of any experienced capital markets player (gator brain).

        If your frame is weak, you lose. If its strong and you folllow the process, you win.

        That’s not manipulation; that’s clarity.

  6. Oren,
    I’ve just wolfed down your book. A million thanks for sharing your insights and learnings. And my deep appreciation for the effort you’ve expended to successfully make the information so readily accessible. There are a multitude of past encounters that I can now better understand. I’m looking forward to implementing frames into my thinking, planning and dealings with others. Thanks again from a very grateful reader.

  7. If only one frame survives – if that’s the only possible outcome of a clash of frames, how do you account for snynergistic encounters, where two or more frames converge and a whole new and better frame emerges?

  8. Awesome stuff Oren… Love the whole way you presented frames, framing and how the higher certainty individual and therefore frame absorbs the weaker.

    Thank you…

  9. A book is great, I came across it from the Personal MBA reading list. I went through the Audiobook from Audible, it was a great listen. This book helps me understand the conflicts I see around me every day, eventually with a strategy to win them using frame control, without getting into a never ending argument. I have already started using this book as my reference material.
    Thanks for the book, keep it up.

  10. Thank you Oren for sharing your knoweledge!
    The book is great, awesome. Have recomanded the book for my friends.

  11. Hey Oren, Just finished listening to your book. Good work, very interesting. I will definitely have to re-listen to fix the concepts a little deeper into my mind

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