Oren Explains [Live] – The Pitch Anything Method

Watch the replay video of Oren on the Chase Jarvis LIVE show where he discusses how to pitch creative services to command higher rates in industry tiers, how to avoid getting crammed down and how to make YOU and YOUR WORK become “the prize”.

If you like what you see, and want more, here is a link to the follow-up webinar video on How to Pitch Your Creative Services.


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13 responses to “Oren Explains [Live] – The Pitch Anything Method”

  1. Oren has good insights, Chase you have to be the worse interviewer I have ever had fast forwarded every time you spoke, you always interrupted forever drew the attention back to you and frankly you don’t have nearly the expertise as Oren

    • I have to agree with Susan. You are spot on Susan. Chase, you are one poor interviewer! I was really trying to hear what Oren had to say, but your constant interrupting obscured the message. You’re as bad as Ellen DeGeneres (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SP6IqD4UTEE). Try to be more like Johnny Carson and let the guest be the star. I had to fast forward through Chase’s “listen to me” moments.

      • Actually, I couldn’t make it through the interview. Oren had so many gems to share only to have Chase verbally piss all over them with his unwanted thoughts. Chase, you interrupt so much, that I think you need professional help. Your behavior is obnoxious!

  2. Oren,

    Great Book!!!I was reading it everywhere I went. I’ve been practicing a lot of these techniques without realizing it, glad to find a book that I can relate to.


  3. Awesome stuff. The book is great too. A lot of NLP more than common psychology applied here and it’s really very powerful. I suggest you edit the clip and cut all CJ’s repetitive commentary. It makes it very long and adds very little.

  4. I used the hot cognition stacking method and closed a $5K consulting gig in one email. This is the best, most practical and useful book I have read in a long time.

    Thank you Oren.

  5. Love the video! After reading the book it’s absolutely awesome seeing Oren in person deliver the goods! I’m a huge fan.

    Thanks for getting your work out there!
    (My business partner and I have changed the way we do EVERYTHING because of what we’ve learned from your book.)

  6. I enjoyed that interview immensely. My only issue was with the interviewer. I feel it would have been more beneficial to ALL of us if Chase had just let Oren speak more.

    Not to mention the creepy knee rubbing at the end :p not 100% sure what that was.

    Thanks Oren!

  7. Chris Jarvis is an absolutely atrocious interviewer! I would think he wrote the book (which is fantastic btw!) based on how much he’s speaking.. Absolutely terrible.

  8. The interview is enriching, but the interviewer SUCKS! Please, with all due respect, SHUT UP!!!
    Do not grab the spotlight from the author. You are overwhelmingly ANNOYING!

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