This Investor Pitch Deck Template Has Raised Over $1 Billion

I can’t tell you how often people ask me to share my investor pitch deck template. At the bottom of this page you can download one of the best pitch decks I have ever written.

Listen, I don’t blame people for wanting it. This thing has raised hundreds of million in capital and it took me thousands of hours to put together.

But if you think having my investor pitch deck template is going to be the key to writing a foolproof pitch–sorry.

First of all is there even a such thing as a foolproof pitch?


It was called “The Script for BAYWATCH” the action drama series about the lives of attractive Los Angeles lifeguards who patrol crowded local beaches, starring then 24-year old Pamela Anderson.

Unless you have that, sorry your pitch will never be foolproof.

Can my investor pitch deck template help you? Yes. Definitely. But even the best pitch decks in the world are not going to turn property management into Baywatch.


So without the benefit of surfboards and superstars, how do we make our idea feel emotional & sound exciting?

That’s what I study: what makes a pitch worth listening to. I’ve discovered that your first 200 words are the most important ones you speak. Even with my investor pitch deck template you still need to begin the pitch in a way that entices your audience to give your proposal a real look.


The best pitch decks start with a story involving some kind of “disturbance.” Something interesting that has happened. Something different than what’s in the audience’s ordinary, boring world. Something new but credible. Exciting and believable. Insightful and gets a big nod of “Aha!”

“The cat sat on the mat” is not a compelling introduction.

This pitch deck template is very straightforward. Don't put your audience to sleep!

Investors have heard this a hundred times: “We are an excellent company with many recognizable customers and our XYZ tech thing provides 30% more performance…”

Clearly: if you don’t have something big to report on, something interesting, something that’s changing, pitch deck template might as well be kitty litter.

Instead, I would start like this, “the cat sat itself on the dog’s mat … and the dog noticed immediately”

Boom. Now we have something worth listening too.

Yes, having a solid investor pitch template is critical and I will provide you with mine at the bottom of the page. But nobody is even going to look at the best pitch decks unless you nail the intro.

Maybe I’d start a software pitch like this:

Today, if you make a 911 call, it doesn’t go to a Google or Amazon server farm, and the Pentagon isn’t alerted. Truth is, it goes to some small office on the seedy side of town with a Dell PC running on software that was written in 1980. If you made one of the first calls of the day, some floppy disks will “boot-up”, load MS-DOS, click and clack like an old motorcycle, and only then pick up your call and … start … look … ing … for … an … ambulance …. ser .. v ..i …c …e.

It didn’t used to be that way, in fact it was a 2 minute response when there were 100 million fewer people in the US. But now, 350 million people have overloaded the system, there are thousands of  private contractors using outdated systems and the search for a 911 responder can take about 18 minutes. If you fall off a ladder or have a heart attack, that might be a just a little too long for convenience.

With that pitch, I think I have successfully introduced the idea of our high speed call routing software, introduced tension to the meeting and captured everyone’s attention.

Since buying is an emotional experience, (something I scientifically proved in my book using some facts I made up), it follows that you must create strong emotion in the audience. We all know that.

Your ultimate task as a presenter is to get some kind of emotional investment, or nothing you explain about features and benefits will matter, the buyer simply won’t care. The investor pitch deck template you spent hours and hours perfecting is worthless if you aren’t able to nail the hook.


Over the last few years, I’ve worked with 600+ companies getting their pitch ready. While it may not be a perfect science, here’s what I’ve observed about the best pitch decks: baby food, ball bearings, SaaS software and Credit Default Swaps. It’s all the same. What about culture differences? Texas. Tokoyo, Turkistan, Tuscaloosa —

It’s all the same.

The structure of a pitch to sell software in Texas, works to sell real estate in California and accounting in Virginia  … there is a basic formulaic structure that just adapts to the way the buyer’s mind thinks and works.

What’s the formula? It’s not complicated, but probably too long for this blog post.

Listen, putting together the pitch deck is the easy part. Just download my investor pitch deck template at the bottom of the page and fill it in with your company’s information and you’ll automatically have one of the best pitch decks ever made.

But if you don’t have a solid hook, buyers may or may not care enough to invest the energy of even reading your materials.

The Velocity pitch deck is one of the best pitch decks I have ever written.

Another way to think about all this: Your audience’s brain will never fill up, because we each have a storage capacity of somewhere around 2.5 petabytes. (You’d have to leave the TV running continuously on different shows and channels for 300 years to use up that storage.)

But their short term memory can hold just 7 things for 20 seconds.

Your job is to insert ideas into their short term memory slots (that’s called “getting attention”) and then anchoring those ideas to a piece of long term memory (anchoring to something they’re already familiar with.)

In the example above I created a disturbance by revealing the problems with the 911 operations system. I anchored this to the idea of making a 911 call, a concept we all have in our long-term memory. 

Below you can download my investor pitch deck template. It is phenomenal. But don’t think it’s going be a magic bullet. Remember the importance of starting your pitch off properly.

I recommend creating a disturbance and anchoring it to something familiar.

For more tips on nailing the rest of your pitch, and free downloads of some of the world’s best pitch decks, sign up for my weekly email at the top of the page.


Click here to download a PDF of my Velocity pitch deck. I use this same format for all of my pitches and have raised over $1 billion with it.

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