How I Stay Focused For Long Periods of Time

If I had to describe to you the #1 top-problem in my workday, it would be: FOCUS. Much of the work I do involves needing to stay focused for long periods of time.

I’m constantly getting distracted or worse, self-distracting.

If a task should take 30 minutes to complete, I can usually power through and stay focused. Longer ones kill me. For example, if a project requires 4-hours in total, this happens:

Here’s how my focus usually falls apart:

1. I’m writing a presentation on Digital Healthcare Systems

2. So … I have to jump over to WebMD to look-up “brain aneurysm”

3. There, I start to read technical mumbo jumbo

4. Somewhere between “computed tomography angiogram” and “subarachnoid hemorrhage” I remember I have to order an Oil Sensor for my truck (Because of the worm-hole time sucking vortex known as “ebay”, I now own a 1956 Ford F100 pickup which you’ll be hearing about more in the future)

5. So I jump over to ebay and …

– 40+ minutes fly by.

– now it’s lunch time.

– and I have a phone call at 1pm.

6. The whole project gets pushed to another time. Maybe I’ll be able to stay focused better tomorrow?


So when I stumbled upon this strange and almost medieval device, I threw (another) $500 into the abyss of the internet, hoping for the best.

Then, the best arrived:

Pro tip: Use the Freewrite to stay focused for long periods of time.

Here’s what it is:

– a 4lb typewriter that costs $500 and connects to the internet … sort of

– you can’t browse or surf. there’s no mouse. you can’t do much editing.

– there’s only a backspace key

– beautiful cherry MX keyboard and alum. case

Here’s why I use it:

no surfing the net

pure, distraction free writing

I can stay focused for an hour + at a time and get in the zone, crank out my work.

This is the worst computer in the world but it will really help you stay focused.

Where to get it:

go here and whip out your AMEX. Ignore the 1-star hater rating.

In summary, if you have to write a briefing presentation or blog post, but …. keep losing focus along the way and the work never gets done, it may be time to lose the MacBook / Surface and go full steampunk.

Stay focused with the Freewrite

– Oren

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