Yes, take a look at this photo. I look like a Reebok aerobics instructor.

The headset I use 10-hours a day, the BlueParrot, isn’t made for aerobics, its not even made for businesspeople; it’s designed to be the best bluetooth headset for truckers because it cancels out insane amounts of background noise during calls.

Oren Klaff wears a BlueParrott, the best bluetooth headset for truckers.

Hey Oren, why did you go full dork … you don’t drive a truck, work in a call center, or teach aerobics classes?

The reason I wear call center headsets is because my calls can be worth millions of dollars. And science proves that I will make significantly more money if my connection is crystal clear with no background noise.

Let me explain…


It began in a terrible bar called Moondoggies in La Jolla, CA with my friend Bruce who earns $2 million selling aircraft parts.

A few drinks deep, he leaned over a quart of scotch and said, “Oren, I’m going to teach you the SECRET of business success.”

I was skeptical. I’m doing fine without any additional “secrets.”

But then he dropped a bomb, in a single word:


He said, in one of those super-serious voices: It’s all about the landline.

My competition uses mobile phones and they walk around the warehouse talking. Echos. Dropped lines. It’s a nightmare talking to them. People hate it. They buy from ME because we are reading off  complicated aircraft part numbers, and you have to have a clear line.

Was it possible, right here, I was getting $2M of real world advice from the half-lunatic rambling of an scotch-soaked airplane parts salesman?

Turns out, there is.


The basic idea of cognitive ease is that people are more persuaded by things that don’t require much mental effort to understand. For instance, studies show that we are more likely to believe something when it is written in a clear, bold, dark font. Yes, delete all those fancy scrapbooking fonts your S/O put on your machine.

Cognitive ease vs cognitive strain illustration.

Bottom line: when things take less mental effort to understand, we believe them more.

What does this have to do with call center headsets? How does this explain why the best bluetooth headset for truckers is also something that CEOs and business executives should use to make work-related calls?


I started keeping some statistics and noticed that over a third of the pitch calls I’m on have echoes, feedback, or distracting background noise at some point during the call.

So it looks like my friend Bruce was right in his theory.

But the more I thought about it, Bruce was only half right, because using a landline only solves the problem of clarity. It doesn’t take care of the biggest issue: background noise.

So I did some research.

There has to be someone out there who has solved this, right? Someone who is in a profession where they have to constantly make business calls with lots of background noise?



These call center headsets may look dorky but they have superior noise-cancelling ability.

When you are hauling down the freeway in a 16-wheeler you need superior noise-cancelling technology. After testing over a dozen different brands and models I found the best bluetooth headset for truckers.

It’s called the BlueParrot.

I call mine “The Dealmaker”.

Obviously, it isn’t made to look stylish…

BUT these things work insanely well and are virtually indestructible. And they get an A+ on both accounts.

I own four of them.

This way I can always be charging one, losing one, spilling coffee on one, and have one fully-charged for backup.

I make important business calls from my car on the freeway. Crystal clear. I pick up when clients call me at the grocery store. Works great. I take calls at home with my 3-year-old in the background. No problem. The client gets all the attention he deserves, he hears every word I say and we can easily reach an agreement to go forward.

I tried out a lot of call center headsets before I found these, and I am glad I did.

If you’re making business calls without the BlueParrot you are leaving money on the table.

Talk better…


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