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If You’re New to Pitch Anything, Start Here

These articles discuss concepts you’ll need to present and persuade using the Pitch Anything method:

Oren Klaff

Oren Explains on London Real – The Pitch Anything Method

Watch this live video to see Oren introduce the Pitch Anything method. This video is a good starting point if you want to know more about the Pitch Anything approach to presenting ideas, selling products and raising money.

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Frame Control: A Primer

A frame is the way your brain mentally packages your power, authority, strength, information, and social status. The moment your frame makes contact with the frame of another business person, there’s a collision. If your frame wins this collision, you will enjoy frame control, where your ideas are accepted (and followed) by others.

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The Pitch Deck that Raised $1.4M in Seven Days

This company struggled to raise money for months. I was asked to help, and after working on the pitch, I raised their financing in seven days. In this post, I am providing the Pitch Anything community with my actual financing document.  Why? To make a clear point: you have about 30 seconds to make a compelling presentation about your deal. If the structure of your deal does not immediately and forcefully communicate VALUE, it will be set aside, passed off to an underling, or dropped in the recycle bin.

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Book Excerpt: Chapter One

At the most crucial moment, when it is most important for us to be convincing, nine out of ten times we are not. Our most important messages have a surprisingly low chance of getting through. We all face this perplexing situation at one time or another. Pitch Anything is dedicated to explaining why this happens, and how to overcome it.

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